Monday, 2 March 2015

All I have (Poem)by Anju Jose Palatty II DC English


My hands are shaking, I cannot see
The paper is fluttering, isn’t it meant to be?                                      
My dreams and hopes are flitting away,
Will they float? Will they fall? My mind is at unrest
If only there was courage and patience, it would have been the best.

The sword remains poised, ready to strike,
My heart yearns to see the little blue ocean.
But it doesn’t flow, I cannot begin,
My hands are still shaking and I still cannot see.

That impending doom, that dark future
Those frightening cages, it cannot be!
I need a choice, I need an escape
Is this all I have in me?


Farewell (Poem) by Indulekha M of II DC English


After hearing your revelation
Its time for the separation
The hour has come so fast
Its time for our ways to part
This bold decision of yours
Was a shock for our ears

Our emotions started to succumb
Made us all go numb
I know this is too early
But for you he is so dearly
He moulded you into his
And I hope and pray you never regret this.

 Indulekha M

Friday, 31 January 2014

WEIRD WORLD (story) by Isabella Davis, I Economics


I am so much attached with my God.He is the only one in my life to share my sorrows and happiness.God speaks to me when I am in prayer.
                Once we are forced to change our house to a rent house.The most speciality of that house was there are so many rooms in it.As a lucky chance I got a room for me and it was my long dream.One day when my mom went out for shopping I remained in the house.When I get bored I happened to notice a small door in my drawing room.I slowly stood up and walked towards the door which I saw.When I opened the door,I saw an amazing sight that there are so many steps which go down.My anxiety increases minute by minute.I slowly stepped down,at that time I remembered the words of my father that he told me,there is a room in this place.After I finished my short stepping I find that room.I opened it with a lot of curiosity.Wow!it was a library.I entered into it with joy.As I like to read books I ran towards the book shelve and grabbed a book and started reading like a ‘bookworm’.Soon i felt tried and began to sleep.Suddenly I heard a thundering sound and voice said “My child don’t be afraid,I am the Lord God your Saviour. I am here to show you the things which I promised you. Get up”.I got up suddenly with surprise.I regained my courage and I started to walk by remaining a bit doubt.That time two beautiful Angels came and opened us a way.Oh!... powerful shining light reflected in my eyes........ gorgeous.........but I experienced a tranquility all over there.I turned round to see who was talking to me and I saw there was what looked like a human being, wearing a robe that reached his foot, and a gold belt round his chest. His hair was beautiful and white as wool or snow and his eyes blazed like fire,his feet shone like brass that has been refined and polished. A magnificent man........his face was not at all clear because it was covered with such a luster he caught my hands. What is happening?......God said that he would show me hell.So I told him not to take me to hell I began to whimper because I heard that it is very awful.But God replied me that he will be with me.At the very moment itself the place began to shake and there opened a dark room. We entered into it.It looked like a rock. I slowly tried to go there but again God caught my hands.It was a frightening sight............... fearing darkness,powerful hot,sounds of merciful cries of people & unbearable smell.I continued to walk I saw there a pit of torment,the fires of hell&the fire that burns the people but it was never put out.I saw a man there, I have seen him before. yes, I have........... he is a man who was a slave of drinks and drugs & all kind of immoral activities.He is in a pit were the worm ate him but he never died.From a short distance where I stand I heard the loud cry of a child I ran towards the sound.Immediately God said to me “He did not obey me and his parents. That is why he is crying with pain”.Oh! lugubrious I think.I saw there in one side, like sea-sand people’s are falling into the fires of hell and on the other side I saw the devils who are whooping awfully. I stood there with fear.
                So God told me “My child,now I'll show you the place where the people who do goodness in earth live”.I felt a great relief inside my heart.Suddenly we reached a place which was peaceful & joyful.There was no darkness,no pain and no fire-wells.God said me “Now I will show you my glory.”I began to climb the stairs up to heaven I saw a note there saying “WELCOME TO HEAVEN”in a big door. I saw a splendid throne & thousands of chairs around the throne and a winsome table with golden plate and various kinds of fruits.Then I saw a garden which fascinated me with its beauty and  many elegant young men are dancing with joy by singing praise to God. We proceeded from there, I saw a golden bridge and when we walked through it I saw many other real golden streets. A gentle breeze blew gently.....Oh! The atmosphere is serene & tranquil. It was a ‘celestial experience’ for me.What I saw there was indescribable,yes it was beyond description.....The lapping sound of the water gives me peace of mind.There were so many stars where I stood I felt  that I am in the midst of galaxy or how can I define that weird world.It is more than a humble abode, a blessed place..........All sights was wonderful,amazing & surprising. Far long I heard a smooth ray of lovely songs.To me God said “It’s your time to go my child”by showing the earth.Then I said “Oh... no..I want to stay here I don’t want to go any where,I want to be here please allow me to stay.” I begged as much as i could . But God consoled me “Don’t be afraid I will be with you. Your time has not come my child.”At that time two Angels came near me and I climbed on one of the Angle’s wings and he took me high.

                 Immediately I opened my eyes.As usual the books are scattered here & there and I was in the midst of books. I suddenly stood up in shock . Suddenly the bell rang and i ran towards the door and there was my mom scolding me asking "why were you so late? What were you up to?". But i didn't hear a word that my mother was saying. I was confused whether i saw a Dream or was it REAL??

Isabella Davis
I Economics

Pakistan's Blaze of Lamp (Article) by Isabella Davis, I Economics

Pakistan's Blaze of Lamp
                            Malala Yousufzai who was shot by a Thaliban gunman for her campaign supporting girls education was now in Britian to return as 'Angel of peace'.Obnoxious news struck all the world.We know that India & Pakistan on 1947 after independence engage in clash over some territorial  problems.But the news of this young teenager activist creates wetness of excruciating cry in every hearts of the girls in India without any seperation.We all are now praying for Malala for her good recovery.The term' Malala' means one who wipes out the woe of others.Yes,she tried to wipe out the woe of many girls in Pakistan.She want to lead everyone especially girls to the freedom from ignorance.This teenager activist stir the mind of all girls.The words & matters she wrote on the blog touches every mind.In the blog she tried to express her innocent feelings & she want to reveal all the colours of pain & despair that is enduring by the students in Pakistan.Malala is' Annfrank of Pakistan'.We know the story of inspired girl Annfrank who lived in the period of Hitler.The girl who spread the light of peace to the world.We can't think of a girl who has 14 years to do such a great thing displaying a maturity far beyond her years.She opens her life as book to all.Malala Yousufzai was not blind to the hard realities of life in Pakistan.

                                         Once she wrote in the blog that she wants to become a ideal politician to save her country from the black hands of terrorism,misery and from violent deaths.May be this words of Malala infuriated and frightened the Thaliban terrorists to shot Malala.The attitude of Pakistan want to become more activate to save the life of awful girl like Malala,the pearl shining in the oystre.All are in prayer with a hope that she will soon come back with double strength.The eyes of Malala which held the wisdom of ages did not disappear from our mind.The nice smile of Malala gives us a new self-confidence to serve for our country.Even the team of specialists from Elizabeth Hospital had been impressed with her strength & resilience.The activities of Malala was above the words in the blog.Now she is the cry of Pakistan,but she will return back to wipe out their cries.All people in Pakistan without any distinction pray for Malala to see her sparkling smiling face again.The financial assistance for Malala have been flooding into thee Hospital to regain their 'Angel'.Here,the Pak.Government want to take more responsibility in her life for their countrymen.
                                               However,as stuents it is also our abandon duty to pray for Malala and to learn precious lessons from her life.May good God be with her , to recover her strength and to stand again as "BLAZE OF LAMP" of peace & "SUDOKU"of Pakistan.........

Isabella Davis
I Economics